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What's Up

Welcome to our News page where you can find out info on our quarterly dances or upcoming events.

June was the 15th Annual NPFMA Golf tournament at Primm Valley Golf Club, our 3rd year in Attendance.
Our team consisted of Jason Ochrach, Michael Hogue, Gerald Stone and Wayne Brough. We finished 8th Place out of 300 people.

July PCI held a Luau Dance at our Rigel Training Center
We would like to thank DJ Ruff Ryden Ben and his M/C The Ruff Ryders for all there support and thanks to all those who attended, it was a fun Night.
August 1st PCI Pahrump Training center Relocated to a fresh new Building. Pahrump also held a fundraiser car wash. Thank you to Kiwanis for including us and thank you O'Reily Auto Parts for donating the supplies.

In August we also started marketing the bracelets and decorative tile crafts the training center had been making. Good job, they look great.

September, the Pahrump Training Center participated in the Pahrump Fall Festival. Thank you to the Town of Pahrump for including Progressive Choices, Inc.

October the Rigel Training Center held a Halloween Dance and Pizza Party complete with Haunted House. A ghoul time was had by all :) 
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