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Donating To The Program:
Population growth in Southern Nevada continues to increase at a extraordinary rate. Unfortunately, State managed services can't provide all the necessary funding necessary to handle this unprecedented growth.

To continue the quality services we provide to individuals with developmental disabilities, Progressive Choices is always seeking monetary donations to remain operational.

On average. it costs about $93.00 a day to to perform the vocational assistance required for an individual in our program. This includes:

  • Staff wages
  • Office costs
  • Transportation
  • Rent
  • Marketing
  • Utilities

Progressive Choices receives an average of $43.00 a day from the State and the shortfall must be made up through donations, grants and other public and private sources.

We are appealing to you to assist us in this worthwhile program. Progressive Choices is a not for profit 501 (c) 3 company and will be able to provide you with a tax number and possible deduction.

Please contact us at: (702) 248-9484 for further information.

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