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About Us

Our partnerships with providers, participants, and employers provide a source of income, opportunity to advance, a sense of accomplishment and self- esteem for participants. Employers gain employees with a support team to perform regularly scheduled job positions within their businesses.

Supported Employment

Nearly 3% of the Southern Nevada population are intellectually challenged. These disabilities vary and include Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, mental retardation and other related intellectual deficiencies. Most of our program individuals are skilled, proficient and vigorous workers, capable of being a benefit to any company.

Job Support

Progressive Choices, Inc. assists employers by linking qualified supported workers in an assortment of general employment positions. Typically these individuals are under the supervision of a “job coach” and hired in groups of three or more.

What this means to you

Since these individuals are employed through Progressive Choices, Inc. the burden of and costs related to hiring and the employee benefits are handled and absorbed through Progressive Choices. As well as all Liability and Worker's Compensation Insurances for these employees are the responsibility of Progressive Choices, Inc.

These are some of the savings your company can see upon working with this program:
  • No costly benefits packages.
  • No training expenses.
  • No matching FICA.
  • No Insurance Cost.
  • No lost or idle time.
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